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The primary mining & mineral assets of Double Crown Resources are provided by our established business relationships with many private mine companies throughout the world.  Through these established sources we are able to provide industrial quantity shipments of high grade strategic minerals, particularly those needed by the oil & gas drilling industry such as barite, bentonite and fracturing sand.  We are also able to provide the associated plant-based drilling commodity guar gum as well as specialty chemicals all of which are needed for modern extraction methods such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

Double Crown Resources supplies vital mineral commodities globally and transports them with the Translock2 (TransLock Squared) interlocking bulk material transport system.


Bateman Gold Property

Located in the Thunder Bay District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. This area, known as The Shebandowan Belt, has become a prolific gold play. Some of the features that make this property especially attractive are listed below:

The Thunder Bay District is the hub of mining activity for Northwestern Ontario. Many mining companies have field offices here as well as support companies (e.g. 3 assay labs).
Excellent government geological services as well as congenial First Nation’s relationships.
Similar rock types that host Cu-Ni mineralization of the past producing INCO Shebandowan Mine occur on the Bateman Property. Bateman is an area serviced by forestry operations, allowing for easy access to promising unexplored grounds.

  • Preliminary work was completed in 2008 by Linear Metals successfully indicated the presence of significant Ni-Co-Au+PGE mineralization within the komatiitic rocks.
  • Double Crown intends to work on several prospecting programs, including drilling to target for three types of geological conceptual targets:
    • Shebandowan type high grade nickel-cobalt-gold-platinum sulphide deposits.
    • Disseminated nickel sulphides of Mount Keith type with bulk tonnage potential.
    • Gold mineralization within an extensive conglomerate unit; of potential open-pit bulk tonnage configuration.

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