2015 National Television Feature On Double Crown Resources

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Double Crown Resources

"We drive the minerals that drive the market."

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"A global logistics game changer."

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Trading Symbol: DDCC

“From ancient mines to modern times the demand for minerals has driven the market.”

Welcome to Double Crown Resources

Double Crown Resources, Inc. (DDCC) is a publicly traded company in the mining & minerals sector with special emphasis on global commodity supply. Double Crown Resources drives minerals to the market with the macro logistics game changer container system called Translock2 (Translock Squared). This advanced commodity transport system is designed  for highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly shipment of aggregate and fluid commodities across a wide range of industries including mining, agriculture, chemical supply, industrial work, construction and more. The unique patented Translock2 offers gravity feed, pneumatic, Venturi systems, double stack capability and a dual interlock intermodal design for global transport, transload and transfer by road, rail and water routes. Full details can be found on the dedicated Translock2 page of this website and in the accompanying Power Point slide presentation.

One of the great advantages of the Translock2 system is its ability to immediately convert standard flatbed rail cars into sealed, 100 ton aggregate commodity carriers to help relieve rail industry transport backlogs. The individual units can further be employed as portable silos and storage containers on site. Translock2 is a logistics game changer for the worldwide industrial commodity shipping market.

Double Crown Resources is also set up to supply many different bulk commodity products including industrial minerals and precious metals via our signed agreements with a network of established, high quality sources in Latin America and other countries. The company also holds 100% ownership in the Bateman gold and precious metal mining property located in Ontario, Canada. Marketing offices for Double Crown are located in Houston, Texas. 

The entire Double Crown Resources management and consultant team has a diverse selection of skills and professional experience. This team includes business leaders with proven histories of success, geologic experts, technical engineers, mining specialists and business project developers with both international experience and multi-lingual skills. Brief biographies can be found on the Management page of this website.

Developing news from Double Crown Resources is issued in public press releases and other media presentations as well as SEC filings on a regular basis. These can be found on those respective pages of this website; News, Media, SEC Filings. Anyone with questions or comments may contact the company at any time via the information located on the Contact page.